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Army Performance Counseling
Performance counseling informs soldiers about their jobs and the expected performance standards and provides
feedback on actual performance. Soldier performance includes appearance, conduct, mission accomplishment, and
the way duties are carried out. The purpose of counseling may be to help a soldier maintain or improve a satisfactory
level of performance or improve performance that is below standards. Good leaders issue clear guidance and then
give honest feedback to let soldiers know how they have performed.

Honest feedback is essential for motivating soldiers and controlling a unit’s performance. The leader first observes
the soldier’s performance of duty, his ability to complete an assignment, and his approach to accomplishing a
mission. The leader then tells the soldier where he stands. Those things that have been done well or that show
improvement must be praised. The contribution that the soldier’s performance has made to the unit should be noted.
This reinforces the importance of his duties and helps to foster cohesion. Feedback should also include ways to
improve performance.

Performance counseling needs to be done continuously as part of the leader’s role as a teacher and as a coach.
Unit readiness and mission accomplishment depend on each soldier’s ability to perform his duties and to act in a
proper manner.
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