As Noncommissioned Officers we must provide professional guidance for our Soldiers and enforce the standards. Soldier
Safety is an indispensable part of our duty therefore we must ensure that all Soldiers receive a
Safety Counseling or a
Safety Briefing prior to the start of the weekend and Holidays. Safety Counseling can be verbal or on a
DA Form 4856,
developmental counseling form even a sign in roster just to cover your self. Counseling the Soldiers with regard to off Safety
does not guarantee that the counseled Soldier will make the right choice but it is still our responsibility to remind them of the
importance of Safety.  Get
Counseling Statement Example for Safety and over 25 counseling templates with Counseling
Examples 1.0
 AR 685-10
Family Care Plan
Initial Counseling PVT-SPC
APFT Failure
Domestic Issues
Bar To Reenlist
Government Travel Card
Flagging Actions
Corrective Training
Failure to Report
Diagnostic APFT Failure
Late For Duty
Monthly Counseling
WLC Counseling
Off Limits Areas
Promotion Counseling
Soldier Debt
Overweight Counseling
Safety Counseling
Loss Military Property
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