The Family Care Plan is a very important part of unit readiness and must be completed and filed by all Army Soldiers who are
single parents or
dual military. The Soldier must be counseled on a DA Form 4856, developmental counseling form by the
unit Commander and given a packet with all of the required forms. The Soldier must complete the family care plan and have it
validated by the commander within 30 Days. Soldiers with children that are legally separated from their spouse, become
widowed or divorced will also need to initiate a family care plan. Get
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Family Care Plan
Initial Counseling PVT-SPC
APFT Failure
Domestic Issues
Bar To Reenlist
Government Travel Card
Flagging Actions
Corrective Training
Failure to Report
Diagnostic APFT Failure
Late For Duty
Monthly Counseling
WLC Counseling
Off Limits Areas
Promotion Counseling
Soldier Debt
Overweight Counseling
Safety Counseling
Loss Military Property
Under Age Drinking
Lost Military ID Card
Army counseling family care plan
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